Hi, I'm Leslie Rodriguez

Full Stack Web Developer located in Lubbock, Texas.

When I am not working as a contract Software Engineer, you can find me outside on my longboard, or on a good old-fashioned family adventure in the backyard. In my free time, I code for fun. I enjoy the freedom to be creative, make mistakes and perfect my craft.

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Kansha Rewards

Motivate and inspire employees and teams to do their best work.

reddit clone login screen

React Reddit Clone

My redo of Reddit.com using React, Redux, and Material UI.

What I do

Freelance web developer and consultant ✓
Help small business create a professional, unique, online brand. ✓
I make sure I clearly understand what you want. ✓
I think about ways I can improve on your ideas. ✓
I listen to your feedback. ✓

Would I be a good fit for your company?

I'm most comfortable working with a strong team, but can also work independently. ✓
I prefer a development process that consists of active involvement in planning, regular team standups, prioritized user stories, continuous feedback, and constant improvement. (Agile) ✓

Company MUST haves:
Solid mentorship and success stories of previous new hires improving their skills with mentorship. ✓
Company values including diversity, creativy, kindness, and humility. ✓
A coulture that focuses on encouraging learning from taking risks, experimenting, and innovating ✓

Strong Front End Engineer

1+ years of experience building React JS projects with various back end technologies.

Strongest skills include HTML&CSS, JavaScript, React/Redux, Material UI, and responsive UI.

Familiar with Back End Technologies

AWS Amplify toolchain, MongoDB NoSQL database, GraphQL API, AWS Cloud Formation, and AWS Appsync

REST API, SQL databases, Node Js, Express Js

Java, Spring Framework

Full-Stack Engineer

- 1+ years of experience with full life cycle development from planning to deployment.

+5 months of experience working at a startup taking on different roles including UX/UI developer, front end developer, back end developer, QA Engineer, and consultant.

Remote and US-based

1.5+ years of experience working in remote environments.

Get in touch

I am open to ideas, projects, and job opportunities.